Latin Camp is a small group lesson approach to learning Latin.  Each session pairs 1 experienced instructor with 4 students and is designed to welcome them to the learning of Latin language.  We emphasize a hybrid approach of interactive, student-centered activities with the study of vocabulary, translation and a look at Roman culture in ancient times. 



• check-in and fun warm-up game

• translation in partners and/or group

• grammar or vocabulary game and/or activity

• review of Roman life and times

• vocabulary building exercises

• Latin to English translation - root word fun!


Cambridge Latin Series will be the principal resource.  It is well structured and enables students to learn and read Latin well.


True academic enrichment - - alive and well!  Learn this original, ancient language - - at the root of so many areas of modern knowledge!  


Latin Camp is a fun and highly-interactive set of online lessons taught by experienced teachers; all at a 1:4 ratio - - so lots of opportunity for individual attention and small-group collaboration.  Primus Level is designed for the new-to-Latin learner, who wants to engage with Latin for the first time.  Secundus Level is designed for the learner who may have some formal classroom experience with the Latin language and wants to further develop their knowledge.  Each camp consists of 8 x 1 hour online sessions; inclusive of a lesson, games, collaborative activities – covering both the fundamentals of the language and look at life in ancient Rome.  


Latin, as many people know is at the root of both English language word (and grammatical construct) formation, as well as part of how we decode scientific terminology.  It makes things like English grammar – more understandable.  It is a stepping stone in language learning, second only to phonetics in how useful it is. Latin is the language of law, theology and modern government.  Learning Latin is among the best ways to enrich an education as it builds curiosity and makes a lot of other areas of knowledge (including math and science) more learnable as it is the tie that binds the foundation of many subjects.  Not to mention, learning about the life and times of the language’s origin in ancient Rome – is highly interesting (not to mention, the starting point of many of the ways of Western civilization).


Having some Latin study underway in a fun, collaborative way – is the perfect way to consolidate learning in today’s information-rich age.  It is considered unique – but highly useful knowledge to take forward in life.  Latin Camp makes all this high level learning - - fun!  Join us!

Latin Camp is designed and taught by experienced educators in Latin language instruction.  With multiple years of classroom instruction, Oona Craig (see bio) knows well how to ensure students participate in a welcoming learning experience, that might kindle in them the same passion for learning Latin, as was the case in their own academic experience, again, by the right teachers.  We look forward to this wonderful journey of learning.


OONA CRAIG, BA, B Ed MA - Classics


Oona has taught Latin for over 20 years in Independent School settings, across several grades and ability levels.  She is graduate of McGill University, Montreal (BA), Dalhousie University, Halifax, (MA - Classics) and The University of Toronto (B Ed).  Oona is a trained International Baccalaureate teacher; whose Latin instructional repertoire includes teaching grades 6 through 12, as well as 1:1 instruction for university students.

STEFANIE GIGANTE -- BA, M.Ed., MA - Classics

Stefanie Gigante has been a Latin teacher for 17 years, and is currently working with students in all grade levels at Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, NJ. She is a graduate of College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA (BA), Montclair State University (M.Ed.) and The College of New Jersey (Masters of Arts in Instruction), as well as a Google Certified Trainer and Pear Deck Certified Coach. An avid user of Cambridge Latin Course, Stefanie has also hosted several webinars for the Cambridge Latin Teacher Training program. 


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